The 2009 Burning Man at Dawn–tickets for 2010 go on sale 1/13/10

By: Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

Jan 10 2010


Category: Photography, Sculpture

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2010 “Metropolis” Burning Man tix go on sale Weds. January 13 10am PST

The theme for Burning Man 2010: Metropolis. The idea? To show the world what we can do, how we can live, what a metropolis can be where people walk, bike, share rides on art cars and buses. Where a street full of strangers becomes a community of friends.

Just in case you need a reminder of WHY we all go to Burning Man, I’ve posted a few photos from the gallery of Burning Man 2009 shots by Scott Hess, a member of the official Burning Man Documentation Team. CALS2

We are the Metropolis. We make the Metropolis. If you want to experience the Metropolis of Burning Man, tickets go on sale Weds. Jan. 13 at 10am. Tickets start at $210 dollars for a life full of amazing experiences: August 30 to September 6 2010.

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BURNING MAN 2010 TICKET INFORMATION http://tickets. burningman. com

Tickets start at $210 and go up from there as each tier is sold out.  Burning Man org suggests ticket buyers on Wednesday at 10am remember:

a) If you don’t end up getting one of the cheapest tickets, it’s only a little bit more money we’re talkin’ about here, and (trust us) you’ll completely forget about that extra cash when you’re standing on the playa, basking in the mind-blowing wonder that is Black Rock City … and

b) in the spirit of supporting our (economically diverse) community, we really do encourage you to purchase the highest priced ticket you can afford, as it leaves the cheapest tickets for the folks who need them most, while subsidizing the same. It’s all about the love, people.

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