Autumn Festival Today At An Lac Mission in Ventura

By: Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

Sep 26 2010


Category: Photography


Harvest Moon  photo by David Pu’u.

Sunday, September 26 from 11am-8pm, the An Lac Mission and the Vietnamese Language School  invites you to a free Mid-Autumn Festival at the An Lac Mission 901 S. Saticoy Avenue in Ventura’s far east end. This is a family friendly event with music, entertainment, dancing, a magic show, children’s competitions, a Vietnamese Elvis impersonator, costumes,  and free moon cake for children. Vietnamese and Sri Lankan vegetarian cuisine will be available also.

While the event is free, this is a fundraiser for the Jade Buddha exhibition coming in February.

When you go, enjoy the garden; it’s an exquisite place to give thanks to the Compassionate Rebel Guan Yin!

2 comments on “Autumn Festival Today At An Lac Mission in Ventura”

  1. Yes, it is! The moon has been so gorgeous lately! Fellow Venturan David Pu’u did an amazing job of capturing it on Thursday night and graciously allowed me to share it with my readers. Your photos are beautiful also, Matt! Could I feature one or more with some of my writing on one of my blogs?

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