Advice from a Raven

Advice from a Raven

1.     Be sure of yourself.

2.     Work smarter, not harder.

3.     Let everyone know you’re boss.

4.     Ignore the trash for the treasure.

5.     Spend time hanging around with your kin.

6.     Recognize your own beauty without being vain.

7.     Take flight.

Submission to the City of Ventura’s ArtTales contest. Painting by Duane Simshauser. Go to Red Rex to read my son’s submission. For more poetry, catch the Monday Poetry Train.

You might also enjoy my other submission, “Raven Fledgling”

For more of my poetry, please come to my book launch! I will be reading March 15 at the Artists Union Gallery, at the Ojai WordFest Book Fair March 19, and at Ojai WordFest Well Red event March 25. You can buy a book from me or order one from en theos press.

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