Honor Your Emotions; Let Them Move

By: Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

Aug 23 2011

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Category: Fiber Arts

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Honor your emotions, and learn how to talk about them simply. Emotions aren’t as complicated as we make them. It’s the stories we attach to them that make them feel so complicated.

When emotions come up, sit down on the floor, and breathe. Then allow the emotion to be there. Notice all the stories that are hooked into that emotion. The stories are like heavy icicles weighing down the branches of a pine tree. Pull them off one at a time until you can just feel the emotion itself. When you let that happen, you might find that there’s actually freedom to the emotion. It moves. And it moves through. The stories keep it weighted down and immobile.

Words by Christine Kane; inspiring fabric thangka print available at http://www.LeslieRW.com.

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