Purple Polka Dot Sonnet for Sept. 11

Sonnet for September 11

thursday i listen to radiohead
in a new purple polka dot sundress
& i am trying to feel so modern
i search for more warmth for this sunny day
in my air conditioned office & heart
i want to wear my purple rain jacket
i want to ward off rain & fear & dark
i want to keep off terror & attack
i want to make tears & fog slip away
i want to live in a world where i can
wear my old purple rain jacket over
my new purple polka dot summer dress
& with this keep all the bad news away
& with this to find this big world okay

By Gwendolyn Alley (aka The Compassionate Rebel)
dated Thursday, Sept. 13, 2001
published in ArtLife Limited Editions October 2001
learn more about Sonnet for Sept. 11 here

See more responses to 9/11 by Ventura County artists in this 9/9/11 VC Star article by Karen Lindell.

Read more about author Gwendolyn Alley in this August 2011 VC Reporter article by Michel Cicero.

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