Quotes from Hillman’s “A Psyche The Size of the Earth”

By: Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

Apr 22 2013

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Camera:P 65+

Following the first Earth Day April 22, 1970, every April in the United States is Earth Month with activities in most communities on or around April 22.

In recognition of Earth Day, and because I am working on an Ecopsychology paper, I have been posting a series of Earth Day related quotes.

Today’s installment is from Jame’s Hillman’s 1995 essay “A Psyche the Size of the Earth” which introduced the landmark book Ecopsychology.

“Perhaps the abuses I have unconsciously suffered in my deep interior subjectivity pale in comparison with the abuses going around me every minute in my ecological surroundings, abuses that I myself commit or comply with. It may be easier to discover yourself a victim than admit yourself a perpetrator.” P xx

“The subjectivist exaggeration that psychology has fostered is coming home to roost, because the symptoms that are coming back to the consulting room are precisely those its theory engenders: borderline disorders in which the personality does not conform to the limits set by psychology; preoccupation by subjective moods called “addictions” and “recovery”; inability to let the world into one’s perceptual field, called “attention deficit disorders” or “narcissism”; and a vague depressed exhaustion from trying so hard to cope wit the enlarged expectations of private self-actualization apart form the actual world.” P xx

“The idea that depth psychology merges with ecology translates to mean that to understand the ills of the soul today we turn to the ills of the world, its suffering.” P xxi

“Treatment of the inner requires attention to the outer; or, as another early healer said, “The greater part of the soul lies outside the body.” P xxi

Hillman, J. (1995). A psyche the size of the earth. In Roszak, T., Gomes, M. E., Kanner, A. D., & Brown, L. R. (Eds.), Ecopsychology: Restoring the earth, healing the mind (pp. xvii-xxiii). San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club Books.

Read more about the photo above by Chris Jordan.

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