About The Collective of Compassionate Rebels

We are like the joyous Guan Yin pictured: “One who hears the cries of the world” and we respond.

We might be writers. Photographers. Painters. We might grow food or children. We might make wine or music. We use our eyes to see the world. We use our hands to help others.

This blog will post art to inspire, motivate and recognize us as we travel our path as compassionate rebels. You can receive a notification of these posts by email by signing up to subscribe to this blog by email below.

Comments are welcome as are suggestions of artists to feature. The priority is to showcase contemporary, local artists. By contemporary, I mean art made in the lifetime of the readers here–so from the 1930s or so to now, with a preference for work produced this century. By local, I mean artists that are local to the readers here. So if there’s someone you’d like to recommend, who is local to you, please do!

Until I hear from you via a comment or an email (gwendolynalley AT yahoo DOT com), I will be publishing work that’s local and contemporary to me. (You can learn more about me here or from my other blogs, listed below). Many of my friends are artists and I look forward to sharing their work. On the First Friday of each month, I take part in the First Friday ArtRides where we ride around town and look at art, so I will be posting work by artists that we will be seeing on the upcoming ride. You can read more about the ArtRides at my blog, Bikergo Gal. I also blog about an eclectic variety of topics at Art Predator, about wine at Wine Predator, and about literary arts at The Write Alley.

Thank you for visiting “Compassionate Rebel.” Please join our collective!


gwendolyn alley
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5 comments on “About The Collective of Compassionate Rebels”

  1. Hello,

    A colleague of mine came up with the name compassionate rebel about ten years ago to define people who are combining those traits to change the world. She and I gathered stories of some 50 of those people and published a book of stories about them called The Compassionate Rebel: Energized by Anger, Motivated by Love. We have done many storytelling workshops around that theme and I just published the second volume of the book titled: The Compassionate Rebel Revolution:Ordinary People Changing the World containing 60 more stories that will be featured in storytelling sessions where we also encourage people to find their own compassionate rebel story. I love the definition of compassionate rebel that you have at the top of this page. It fits perfectly. Where did you get it and can we use it? Please check out our books on line and think about any ways we can mutually promote each others work.
    It is always great to meet another compassionate rebel.


    Burt Berlowe

    • Burt, do you know about Guan Yin? She is known as the compassionate rebel, the one who hears the cries of the world. She has a thousand hands to help and each hand has an eye to see. There’s info about her on the blog. The collective of compassionate rebels are those who hear the cries of the world and have the courage to do what they can.

  2. i was looking for a sangha close to me and it seems i was finally ready to find it

    ive been in the longest dream and just now starting too see

    im so thankful to find you


  3. I am curating an exhibit titled “saints, goddesses, and bodhisattvas.” I am seeking entries of divine figurative art by August 15, 2012 for the national exhibit. The prospectus and entry portal can be found be clicking “national art exhibitions” on the left, once you go to http://ww.harpethhall.org

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